Trinity H.S. Photo Finale


  • May 11th, 2012
  • 4 p.m.

Entry Fee:

  • 50 cents per entry


  • All entries submitted digitally (by e-mail or CD)

Trinity High School announces the annual end-of-the-year contest, The Photo Finale. Sponsored by the photo students at Trinity (who do not compete in the contest) there are eighteen categories, divided into Beginning and Advanced divisions. This contest is open to students in grades 7-12 in Texas and other states.


1. Abstract (AB)
2. Animals/Pets (AP)
3. Architecture/Architectural Detail (A)
4. Black and White/Sepia (BW)
5. CD Cover (CD)
6. Cell Phone (shot w/ cell phone) (CP)
7. Digitally Constructed Images (DC)
8. Fashion (FA)
9. Friends (FR)
10. Landscape/Cityscape (LC)
11. Photo Story (up to five images) (PS)
12. Photojournalism (PJ)
13. Portraits/People (P)
14. Sports/Action (SA)
15. Still Life (SL)
16. Student Life (STL)
17. Text Added (to give a message, ex. Valentine, PSA, etc) (TA)
18. Vacation Images (V)


All entries must be submitted digitally, either through e-mail or on CD. The entry fees are 50¢ per single entry. Checks must be made payable to Trinity HS Photography. No purchase orders. All images must be in JPEG format. No RAW files. You may start submitting images by e-mail as early as Monday, April 30.

Name images like this:
first four letters of last name first initial_category code_Beginning-Advanced_school initials_1234.jpg
(you select any 4 digits but each entry should be unique)

ex: grimj_STL_A_THS_2371.jpg for GrimmJeff_StudentLife_Advanced_TrinityHighSchool_2371.jpg or regad_FR_B_MHS_5993.jpg for RegaladoDan_Friends_Beginning_MartinHS_5993.jpg

Please type the student’s full name, school name and category information into the File Info Description field. You can access this by going to the File menu in Photoshop and selecting File Info.

If e-mailing, all files must be smaller than 2.5 megabyte JPEG files.

Judging will begin Saturday, May 12th. There are no prizes other than BEST OF SHOWS in each division but the Best of Show winners will receive a very nice mystery prize determined by the number of entries. A winner’s list will be sent out to establish bragging rights.

* Teachers, this is a work in progress! If you plan to enter PLEASE send me your name, school, email and phone number in advance so that I can be certain you have any updated information and provide the mailing address.

** There will be a 20% discount for any images sent on CD or DVD with the reduced entry fees enclosed at the time of the mailing. Feel free to start early and begin collecting your student’s digital images in a central location if you wish to receive the discount.


The deadline for receiving entries is 4 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2012.


Contact Jeff Grimm for more information.