Spring 2020 Contest Judging

The judging for the 2020 Spring Contests – Top Program, Rising Star and Hal Fulgham Scholarship – will take place virtually on Saturday, June 13 beginning at 9 a.m. CDT. Teachers and students will be able to observe the judging this year in a Zoom webinar but must register for the webinar prior to the start on the 13th. Read the information below and then register for one or both webinars. Questions can be sent through the contact form, found here.

Zoom Webinar

Each webinar has space for 95 observers. Once this limit is reached you will not be able to join the webinar unless someone leaves. A Zoom account is not required to observe the judging. Teachers and students will be able to see the images and hear, but not see the judges. Judges will be divided into two teams, so register for the webinar you want to see. You can register for both, but you will only be able to join one webinar at a time.


The judging will not be recorded for viewing later. This will be a live judging process, and you must join the webinar during the judging to watch.


In prior years schools have received written judges’ comments after the judging is completed. Seniors who entered the Hal Fulgham Memorial Scholarship will be able to read their commentary after judging is finished in the online contest site but ATPI will not provide written commentary for Top Program or Rising Star judging this year.

Hal Fulgham Scholarship

The Hal Fulgham Scholarship contest utilizes pre-judging so that commentary can be written prior to the judging day. During this process portfolios receive a thumbs up/thumbs down from the judges and portfolios must receive two thumbs up to advance to the judging on Saturday. As a result, some portfolios may not be seen during the live webinar.