ATPI Imagemaker Team Application
To recognize the top student photographers in Texas for the 2020-2021 school year.

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May 17, 2021.
Texas Imagemaker selections are based on awards students have received in state and national photography contests.
As long as a) more than one school participates in a contest; and b) both the entry rules and the list of winners are available online on a public website, the contest can be included on the application. ATPI will require entrants to include the URLs on the entry forms with the student's name easily identified on the list of winners.

List awards on the form including Best of Show, First, Second, Third or Honorable Mentions/Exhibitors. Use the following chart to determine points:
Best of Show
- National/international contest | 10 points
- State/regional contest | 8 points
- Local/restricted access (limited to specific groups, like the TAJE Clip Contest or on-site contests like the ATPI Winter Conference) | 6 points
First Place/Superior
- National/international contest | 9 points
- State/regional contest | 7 points
- Local/restricted access | 5 points
Second Place/Excellent
- National/international contest | 8 points
- State/regional contest | 6 points
- Local/restricted access | 4 points
Third Place
- National/international contest | 7 points
- State/regional contest | 5 points
- Local/restricted access | 3 points
Honorable Mention/Exhibitor
- National/international contest | 5 points
- State/regional contest | 3 points
- Local/restricted access | 1 point

Every student that is applying to the Imagemaker Team should complete this online form. Submitting this form indicates that the awards are a result of this student's work this year.
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Place Received:
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ATPI Imagemaker Team Application