About ATPI

2021-2023 ATPI Officers

  • Shannon Oden


    Shannon Oden is a Teaching Artist for the non-profit organization Working Assumptions, based in Berkeley, CA. She mentors photo instructors and students for the WrkxFmly archive and exhibition to explore the interplay of work and family.

  • Sergio Almendariz

    Vice President - Conference

    Sergio Almendariz is a teacher, filmmaker and writer who teaches at Ben Barber Innovation Academy in Mansfield. He has a Master's in Documentary Production and Studies from the University of North Texas.

  • Erica Garcia

    Vice President - Workshops

    Erica Garcia is a photography and AV teacher at Navasota High School and has been teaching for 10 years. She graduated from St. Mary's University with a B.A. in Communication Arts.

  • Natalie Ramsey-Melendrez

    Vice President - Membership

    Natalie Ramsey-Melendrez started the Commercial Photography program at Crandall High School. She teaches Photography 1 & 2, Photography Practicum, Art 1 and Sculpture.

  • Laura Spray

    Vice President - Contests

    Laura Spray is the Photography and Graphic Design teacher at Randolph Secondary School in San Antonio, TX. She has a bachelor of fine arts in photography from Sam Houston State University.

  • Clint Smith

    Past President

    Clint Smith is a co-adviser of Texas HS Student Media in Texarkana, TX and teaches journalism, web technology, and photography.

  • Andrea Negri


    Andrea Negri finished her second year at Bellaire High School in Houston. She teaches journalism and advises the yearbook. She is the contest coordinator for the Texas Association of Journalism Educators.

  • Dr. Bradley Wilson

    Senior Consultant

    Bradley Wilson is the Journalism Education Association publications editor. He has received the JEA Carl Towley Award, the NSPA Pioneer Award and the ATPI Star of Texas.

  • Mark Murray

    Executive Director

    Mark Murray has been the Executive Director of ATPI for 30+ years. He retired from Arlington ISD in 2019 and studied photography at Texas A&M—Commerce.