Fall Photo Contest

With 30 different categories, divided into K-8/beginning, advanced and faculty, there is something for everyone.

Entry Fee

  • $1 per entry for ATPI members
  • $2 per entry for non-ATPI members


  • K-8/Beginning
  • Advanced
  • Faculty


  • Deadline is November 18, 2022 at 6:00 PM Central

Student Categories


  • Thematic – Shadows
  • Architecture-Cityscape
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • Informal-Environmental Portrait
  • Formal Portrait
  • Advertising
  • Animal
  • Time Exposure
  • Sports-Action
  • Sports-Reaction
  • Food


  • Still Life
  • Student Life
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Open
  • Cell/Smartphone Image
  • Documentary/Street Photography
  • Photo Story*
  • Portfolio*
  • Digitally Constructed Single Image*


  • B&W Darkroom Print


  • News (3-minute max)
  • Advertisement/PSA (1-minute max)
  • Dramatic Short Film (7-minute max)
  • Comedic Short Film (7-minute max)
  • Thematic – Shadows (7-minute max)
  • Documentary (unlimited)
  • Cell/Smartphone Video (1 min max)
  • Multimedia Projects*

Rules and Submission Guidelines

  • All entries, except portfolio entries, must have been taken or created after Aug. 1, 2021.
  • All Digital entries must be submitted through the ATPI online contest site. All video/multimedia entries must provide a URL through the online contest site. Do not wait until the last minute to upload entries.
  • Students may not enter more than three images into any category and should edit entries carefully.
  • Images that have been entered in previous ATPI social media contests are not eligible for this contest unless they are part of the student’s portfolio entry. Student images from the prior year Spring school portfolio contests are eligible for the Fall Contest.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in the 2022-23 school year to compete. Images must be entered in the advanced division if the high school student was enrolled in a high school photography class prior to this school year. Black-and-white and color images will be judged together.
  • Students are encouraged to not enter the same image in multiple categories. The judges tend to judge these photos more harshly.
  • Print category should be matted or mounted on 11×14 black or white mount board. No poster board. Students entering this category MUST BE included in the online contest system. Prints must be postmarked by the deadline and mailed to the address on the rules form.
  • Digital entries must be submitted through ATPI’s Online Contest system. Division, Category, Student name, school name, school city, and teacher name must be typed into the metadata caption/description field in the File Info window in Photoshop. All images should be in JPEG format, saved at maximum quality, with a maximum dimension (width or height) of 2500 pixels. Full instructions for image size and file info found here. We encourage students to upload the maximum size image.
  • *Digitally constructed single images means that images have been constructed by use of computer software. These images must have photographic elements (such as originally from a digital camera, film image, scanned materials, still-video frame, etc.); entries that are composed solely of graphic-arts elements are not eligible. All components of the entry must be the original work of the student.
  • Multimedia projects can include electronic portfolios, video podcasts, animation sequences, multimedia, web sites, etc and will be submitted by URL on the entry form.
  • The Portfolio category is a five-image portfolio. These entries count as a single entry.
  • The Photo Story category should consist of five photos. Each photo must include a full caption in the Description field in the metadata along with the other required information.
  • Instructor entries are single images that compete in one category. Instructors may enter as many entries as they wish. There is also an instructor portfolio category that should contain five images and count as a single entry. Instructors can also enter videos using the instructions for student entries. All instructor videos will be judged together – no categories. All instructor videos should be under 10 minutes in length.
  • Video entries can utilize any online site. All entries must be submitted through the ATPI online contest site and a specific URL provided for each video entry. Judges will be provided this list of URLs to judge with.
  • For the 2023 Fall Contest, no copyrighted music can be used in multimedia and video entries. All other music should have attribution in the video.
  • Video entries should include credits at the end showing all students involved in the production of the entry. These end credits do not count as part of the running time.
  • Entry forms and shipping information for prints and fees form available at the top of the page..

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Contest Statistics

2007 Contest totals:

  • 2988 entries
  • 59 schools
  • 206 winners