Winter Conference Registration Instructions

Welcome to the new registration system for the ATPI Winter Conference. Please follow these instructions to complete Parts One and Two of registration:

Part One

  • Enter the number of teachers, students and speakers you are registering.

If you are the teacher of record and are also speaking you need to email us first to get a discount code before completing the Fees registration. Otherwise you will be charged the $35 for registration. Email and make sure you have completed a speaker form here first.

  • Enter the number of students in individual and team contests.

For team contests only enter the number of teams. Do not enter the number of students on a team.

  • Enter the number of environmental self portrait entries.
  • Enter any organization memberships you want to add.
  • Click on “Add to Event Cart.”


Click on “Proceed to Registration” to enter your name, school and other required information.

On the Fees form you will just provide your information. You will enter all additional registration names in Part Two.

For payment information you can choose to print an invoice and mail the payment or you can pay with a credit card using PayPal. If your school or district has to enter the credit card information you will receive an email with a link to pay that you can forward to the person with the credit card.

If you are on the Registration Checkout screen and need to go back to the Event Cart to make changes, refresh your screen in order to show the back button. This is a known bug in the plugin but it hasn’t been fixed yet.

If you select Invoice the screen will give you the option to download a PDF immediately. You will also have a link in the confirmation email that can be used to download the invoice.

Part Two

You will not be able to access Part Two until you have completed Part One and received the confirmation email. You will receive a passcode in this email that will let you log into the Registration Event to complete the contest and class requests. If you do not submit this second form you will not be fully registered for the 2020 Winter Conference.

If you are a speaker but also the only teacher attending from your school then you will need to register for hands-on classes even though you may be teaching at the time. Be sure to mark ‘Yes’ to the question at the bottom and we will determine what fits in your schedule.

If there is more than one teacher from your school and you are speaking then do not include yourself in Part Two of the registration. Instead, just fill out the speaker form here.

If you have any questions please email

If you’ve read all these instructions carefully, you can proceed to registration here.