Volume 5 Best of Texas Order Form

Thanks to Friesens, ATPI members and students who were selected for the book or instructional posters are eligible for a free copy of the book. You just need to pay for shipping. We do have extra copies available in case you would like to order copies for family members or school libraries.

If eligible for a free copy, use this form to pay for shipping of the book(s) for an individual or for a school. You can submit payment via PayPal with a credit card or generate an invoice and mail a check. Do not send cash! We must receive payment before we can mail the book(s) to you. If you aren’t sure how many copies are allocated to your school or if you are eligible for a free copy, then please email info@atpi.org to check before completing this form.

If you wish to purchase additional copies, select the number and add it to the Event Cart. The cost includes the shipping.

After adding the number of copies you need to the Event Cart, click on Proceed to Registration to complete the shipping information and payment option. Be sure to only select the shipping line if you are eligible for a free copy. If you are not sure, email us first at info@atpi.org to check.

If you are having us mail copies to a school and you are receiving more than seven copies, then select one box and the number of individual copies needed over the seven. If you need more than two books, it is less expensive for you to select the box of seven and pay that amount rather than adding three to six individual copies. We will remove the extra copies from the box before shipping.

Individual students with work in the book can pay to have their copy mailed directly to them.

Details Price Qty
Purchase additional copies of the book (includes shipping)show details + $46.00 USD  
Individual book shipping - student/ATPI member eligible for free copy (shipped via USPS)show details + $10.00 USD  

  • Book Purchase
     July 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024
     8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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