Winter Conference Speaker Form

The 2023 ATPI Winter Conference for students and teachers will be hosted by ATPI and the University of Texas at Arlington Fine Arts Department February 24-25, 2023 in Arlington, TX. The conference provides on-site contests for students and teachers, along with hands-on classes related to all types of photography and video.
Please complete the form below if you are volunteering to speak, judge or help with portfolio reviews.

ATPI Winter Conference Arlington Speaker Form
In order to create user accounts at UTA, their IT department needs birthdates for all attendees.
Provide your Twitter, Instagram, Mastadon, etc account if you would like it shared.
Write a short, two to three sentence description of the session.
Check both times if you would be willing to present the session twice.
100 words or less in sentence style, please. Provide biographical information for each speaker if team teaching.
If you will be teaching at UTA on Saturday and will be there at noon, please let us know what kind of box lunch sandwich you need.