ATPI Top Video Program Award

This contest offers seven categories in which to compete for the title of Top Video Program.

Entry Fee

  • No entry fee for 2020-2021


  • News Package
    (1 to 4 minutes)
  • Sports Package
    (1 to 4 minutes)
  • Feature Package
    (1 to 4 minutes)
  • Dramatic Short Film
    (10 minute max)
  • Comedic Short Film
    (10 minute max)
  • Documentary
    (no max)
  • PSA/Advertisement
    (1 minute max)


  • Submitted by April 30, 2021

Rules and Submission Guidelines

    Rules have been modified for 2020-2021 due to the pandemic. Entry fees have been dropped for this year. In all cases, schools, teachers and students should follow local guidelines regarding social distancing and masks while working on these entries.

  • Schools must enter two videos in a category to compete in that category. Schools may enter up to four categories in the contest. The two videos in the category will be judged together to decide each place. The Top Program will be awarded to the school with the highest number of winning videos, with four points awarded for a first place school in each category, three points for second place, two points for third place and one point for honorable mention. If there is a tie for Top Video Program, the judges will judge all entries from each school in a head-to-head contest.
  • Sponsoring teacher must be a Texas member of ATPI.
  • Videos must have been produced during the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Individual students may only enter one video as Director per category. Students may however be on multiple crews. Students must be currently enrolled in the program.
  • Videos must be hosted on any publicly-accessible website. The URLs for each video must be submitted through the ATPI contest site by 6 pm on the deadline day.


  • Films will be judged on the following criteria:
    – Video Quality – videos are in focus, white balanced and exposed correctly. Advanced video techniques are used such as use of multiple shots and angles.
    – Audio – audio is clear and consistent. Mixed properly.
    – Editing – edits are smooth, with no jump cuts, smooth audio transitions.
    – Credits – videos include appropriate credits for the director and crew.
    – Creativity – have the students found a unique and creative way to tell the story?
    – Timing – do the entries fall within the time limit set for the category?
  • The two videos in a category will be judged as a set and schools will be awarded places based on the set of videos.

Winners Lists

2021 2020 2019

Contest Statistics

Top Video Program
Van Alstyne High School, Van Alstyne
Mark Campbell, instructor

Total number of videos entered:
News Package – 8
Sports Package – 8
Feature Package – 6
Dramatic Short Film – 6
Comedic Short Film – 2
Documentary – 4
PSA/Advertisement – 8


Top Video Program
McKinney High School, McKinney
Alyssa Boehringer, instructor

Total number of videos entered:
News Package – 6
Sports Package – 8
Feature Package – 8
Dramatic Short Film – 4
Comedic Short Film – 4
Documentary – 6
PSA/Advertisement – 8


Top Video Program
Texas High School, Texarkana
Clint Smith, instructor

Total number of videos entered:
News Package – 4
Sports Package – 4
Feature Package – 8
Dramatic Short Film – 8
Comedic Short Film – 8
Documentary – 6
PSA/Advertisement – 8